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Reduce Reuse Recycle Re candle!

Vessel Recycling

Introducing the Vessel Recycling program, now at our Ellinwood Studio location! Return your cleaned, empty candle jars to our candle studio storefront and receive in store loyalty point for every jar returned (minimum of 3) towards your purchase.

Note: Currently accepting round candle vessels only. Must bring three or more vessels to receive store credit.

How to Clean + Reuse Your Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Co Candle Vessels

1. Place the jar in your oven at its lowest setting to melt any remaining wax

2. Carefully remove the jar from the oven and discard the melted wax

3. Pop out the wick holder using a spoon, and wipe the jar clean with a cloth

4. Hand wash, rinse, dry, and reuse! Perfect for planters, storage, and more

Vessel Recycling FAQs

I’m not in Ellinwood - Can I mail in my jars? We are only collecting jars in person at our Ellinwood studio at this time.

Do I have to remove the labels from the jars before returning? Yes, we ask that all candle jars be completely cleaned out with all side and bottom labels removed before returning to us. (See How to Clean + Reuse above.)

Can I bring in less than three candle jars? Yes, but we will only be offering loyalty points for a minimum of three or more vessels.

Can I bring in other empty Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Co products (bags, room sprays, incense tins)?

At this time, we are only accept our round candle vessels for store credit.

Can I bring in empty candle jars from other brands?

We will only accept Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Co vessels at this time. However, using a different candle brand's vessel during our Hot Wax Saturday walk-in workshop is perfectly fine.

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