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At Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Co, fostering meaningful connections with our customers is at the heart of what we do. Our wholesale program extends this ethos, enabling us to facilitate the cultivation of relationships between you and your customers. We take pride in partnering with small, independently owned establishments such as gift shops, boutiques, salons, and museum stores across Kansas and beyond. Our handcrafted, small-batch soy wax and hemp wick candles are crafted to delight, ensuring that your customers keep returning for more.

What advantages await you when you align with Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Co? Allow us to illuminate:

  • Premium quality, handcrafted candles that enchant your customers

  • Access to a diverse range of captivating scents and designs

  • Personalized support and guidance to enhance your business's candle offerings

Are you intrigued by the prospect of joining forces with us? Do you know someone who would relish the opportunity to offer exquisite handmade candles to their clientele? We 're stoked about the opportunity to connect and explore how we can collaborate with your business.

Warm regards,

Scott & Jennie Andersen Head Chandlers, Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Co

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also, you can now find us on Faire! Order our products by using the link Below!

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