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Events and classes

We offer all kinds of candle pouring workshops, events, and creative opportunities with friends and family.

Enjoy the sights & smells of our candle studio located in the historic Cyclone Building (est. 1892)

Good music, good vibes, and a family friendly atmosphere for all ages!

See available class styles, available dates, and register for your workshop below. 

Hot Wax Saturdays - Wax on Tap Candle Bar


BYOV (Bring Your Own Vessel) Candle Making Workshop.

Walk ins welcome!
Every Saturday at the studio, we have 3 different fragrances of hot soy wax on tap! Bring in a unique vessel, or choose from our selection! Have a favorite candle that just ran out? Have a favorite tea cup? Now you can bring it in and refill/re-purpose it during our Wax on Tap workshops!

Here it works: 

  • We encourage you to bring your own vessel! Shop the local antique stores here in Ellinwood to find the perfect glass, metal, or ceramic vessel.  Or bring back your favorite Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Co glass, or any other candle vessel to refill with your favorite fragrance. Typically, if it can hold boiling water, it can be a candle! (No shot glasses or thin wine glass please, we will inspect vessels prior to pouring.  It needs to be safe before anything else!)

  • Please wash and clean out all vessels before class!

  • We will have a selection of wonderful fragrances for you to choose from, each week.  Allow about 45 minutes for the candle to cool. 

  • Reservations are not required., however, if you have a group of 6 or more, please give us a heads up. 

 $2.00 per ounce of wax.  No entry fee!

Build A Fragrance Candle Making Workshop

In this class, we will guide you through the scent discovery and fragrance building process. After a brief explanation of scent building, you'll get to choose from a wide variety of notes to blend your perfect scent! You'll then get to use this fragrance to create two custom scented 5 ounce candles.

This is a BYOB event, feel free to bring in your beverage of choice. We will provide the bottle opener and stemware.

The candles you make in class will cure overnight at Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Studio and will be ready to be picked up the following day. If you're unable to make it in the following day, we're happy to make arrangements for you to pick up on another date or have them shipped.

Candles take about 45 min to set up.  Total class time is about 2 hours.

Participants will receive 15% off in store purchases the day of their event.

Minimum class size is 8 people.  Class size is limited to 16 people. 

See available class dates and register below.

$60.00/per person (includes two 5oz candles!)


Junior Chandler Workshop

WHAT: Kid's candle-making classes
WHO: Children ages 6-14, accompanying adult required (age 18 +)
WHY: Because it’s super fun!

Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Co is happy to announce our newest candle making class designed specifically for aspiring young chandlers! Join us in the KESCCo studio for a kid's candle making class, sniff through the Library of fragrances, pour up some candles, and learn a new skill with your young one. Classes are designed for chandlers ages 6-14 with an accompanying adult (must be 18+).

Class participants will learn about different types of scents and how candles are made. Then choose a fragrance and pour a 5 ounce candle of their own. Design custom labels for your new candle, and make some new friends in the process!

Candles set up in about 45min. Total class time is about 60min, give or take.

Minimum class size is 8 kids total. Class size is limited to 16 people per class.

$25.00 per person (includes 5oz candle!)

Sip & Wick Candle Making Workshop

Bring your crew and come pour with us at this unique central Kansas evening experience. We’ll guide you through the basic ins and outs of candle-making, tour the studio, and help you create a 10 ounce candle to take home and enjoy.  *Feel free to bring your drink of choice, (byob alcohol approved for age 21+) glassware, bottle openers, and water are provided.  Food welcome.

As your candle cools to take home, feel free to play some fun card / board games here at the studio, while candles set up. Setup time is about 45min. Total class is about 90min.

Class goers get 15% off in store purchases on the day of the workshop.

Minimum class size is 8 people. Class Size is Limited to 16 people.

$40.00 per person (includes one 10oz Candle!)


Private Event Space Rental

Book the studio for your own private event - Bridge club, poker, game night with the girls, baby showers, bachelorette party, art class.

Contact us directly for pricing -

General rules for choosing a candle vessel-

When choosing a container for your soy wax candle, there are three very basic safety rules that need to followed:

1. It won’t catch fire.
2. It won’t leak.
3. It won’t crack or break.

Make sure the container you are thinking about using as a candle vessel is made of non-flammable material.

-Wood, and plastic, obviously, would make a poor choice as a candle container due to its flammability.  Certian shallow wood containers like bread bowls can definitely work.

Highly porous material such as non-glazed terracotta, clay or cement has the potential ability to soak up the wax and can become a fire hazard.

-Metal can work, but the wick cannot be too close to the vessel, as metal can get really hot, so its best to have a diameter of 2.5 – 3″ minimum. This figure very much depends on the choice of wick too.  Metal containers MUST be water tight.  You can test this with some water to check for leaks.

-Glass is an ideal material for a candle container due to its non-flammable and non-porous properties. The thicker the glass, the less likely it is to crack. Glassware, such as canning or jelly jars, tea cups and other heat safe materials are popular products often used in candle-making. That being said, even heat safe glass can sometimes still crack if exposed to too much heat. Containers that are chipped or cracked should not be used.

Although following these guidelines will greatly minimize the chances of a problem occurring, nothing is infallible. Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Co, cannot be held responsible for accidents, cracking, or fires from pour your own candle products.  All candles should be burned on a heat resistant surface far from any flammable objects such as overhead cabinets or draperies. The wicks should always be trimmed to 1/4″ with no mushrooming before every burn. Most importantly, a burning candle should never be left unattended. We recommend that all of our customers follow these safety guidelines and label their products with one of our caution labels which includes proper burning instructions.