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Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Co. Building entrance
Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Logo

Since 2016, Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Co has been creating inspired fragrances and experiences that speak to what makes rural western Kansas a wonderous & genuine place to call home.  We focus on small town qualities of kindness, acceptance, and positive forward thinking, while procuring historical elements of the Kansas Free State movement.  Our goal is to shape long lasting, memorable, and truly remarkable prairie inspired home fragrance and design.

Growing Roots -

We started our company in 2016, in a spare room of our family's homestead just north of Ellinwood, Kansas.  Since then Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Co. has grown into a leading home fragrance candle company in the Midwestern US. Today, our professional candle studio, design studio, historic retail space, and art gallery is located in the original Cyclone Building at 23. N. Main street in Ellinwood, KS.   With a dedication to sustainability, we hand pour and produce all of our soy candles, soy wax melts, room sprays, incense, natural lip balm and other exclusive products with an emphasis on re-usability and quality.  We aim to help make any space feel memorable, peaceful, and positive.   Along with our online store, we welcome you to visit our studio retail shop and art gallery featuring some of the very best and brightest local artists in Central Kansas.

Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Building entrance

the Historic cyclone building

We celebrate the storied history and elegance of our studio building.  Built in 1892 'The Cyclone' was a thriving general store with a men's furnishing dept.  The Stephen and Isern Mercantile featured dry goods of all kinds and a fine selection of tailored mens suits, clothing, and shoes/boots.  Below our building is a full length basement that also had connections to the Ellinwood Underground tunnels.

Historic photo of The Cyclone Building- Stephan and Isern Mercantile- Ellinwood Kansas
The Cyclone Building 1901 - Ellinwood Kansas
The Cyclone building
The Cyclone building interior

In 1940's it was converted briefly to a Masonic Lodge.  The store front was re-done, walls plastered, and sold as 2 properties (one being next door, the Sidewinders Club).  Soon after in the 1950's it was turned into Wagner Bros, and then an IGA Grocery store.  It was later changed to be The Showcase trophy shop during the 1980's and 90's.  We still have the original signs set up as tables!

IGA Ellinwood Kansas
The Showcase - Ellinwood Kansas
Kansas Earth and Sky Candle - office interior


We moved into the building in 2018, and began renovations to bring back the original character and to help preserve the space.  Piece by piece we've been able to create a comfortable, inpiring, and relaxed space perfectly matched to the vibe of the candles and products we create!

Kansas Earth and Sky Candle - storefront
Pouring Soy Wax into a vessel - Kansas Earth and Sky Candle
Entrance to the studio at Kansas Earth and Sky Candle
Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Logo Sign
Melting Pots at Kansas Earth and Sky Candle
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