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Springtime on the Farm: A Story of Growth and Gratitude

Life on the farmstead this spring has been a mix of anticipation and appreciation. As storms roll by, the farmers in our community eagerly await much-needed rain, their fields thirsting for moisture. While the weather has been on the dry side, we find joy in the small wonders of nature around us.

In our gardens, new flowers and plants are bravely pushing through the earth, bringing vibrant colors and fresh scents to our surroundings. The sight of these new beginnings fills us with hope and reminds us of the beauty of life's cycles.

Across the dirt road, a mesmerizing sea of wheat sways in the breeze, a testament to the hard work and dedication of our farming families. While we may not be the ones tending to the fields, we are deeply grateful for the knowledge and effort they put into feeding our community and beyond.

As we reflect on our roots and the farming heritage that surrounds us, we are reminded of our own journey. Our small candle company, born on our family's century farm, has blossomed into a thriving business. We now have a production studio and event space on Main Street, where we continue to craft candles that bring warmth and light to homes far and wide.

As spring unfolds, we are grateful for the lessons of patience and resilience that the farm teaches us. We are reminded to embrace the seasons of life, knowing that each one brings its own blessings and challenges.


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