Dirt is something one becomes very familiar with growing in rural Kansas.  Dirt roads connect our families, freshly plowed fields mark the seasons, mud puddles exist for jumping in and cleaning the dirt from under your nails is counted as a manicure, and of course, rubbing a little dirt in it* when you’re hurt is something most of us county/rural folk are told at an early age.

Mark Thomas once said, “I think if you were raised on a farm, you were born with dirt in your shoes. And once you get dirt in your shoes, you can never get it out.” This rings especially true for me.

Having lived for years in KCMO proper, and then the suburbs of KC with my husband, there would be times I would start to feel a bit disconnected from home (and the Earth really, more on this later.) Whenever I felt that way, returning home to my family’s farm,  I would take off my shoes and walk around in our driveway, breathe in the freshly plowed Earth fragrance on the wind, and re-align. I would call this time my “dirt therapy,” and we would return to KC and I would feel much better for lengths at a time.

This uncanny ritual is where the idea for our most Earth-y inspired fragrance actually originates. By creating and offering our Dirt Therapy Candle and Wax melts, I hope to help other rural Kansas Transplants solve that feeling of disconnect but through fragrance, rather than “rubbing a little dirt on it.”

“It is when we notice the dirt that God is most present in us; it is the very sign of His presence.”

C.S. Lewis

*Side note: For people who aren’t familiar with the colloquial saying, “Rubbing dirt on a wound was a rough-and-ready way to deal with minor wounds, and in fact, we now know that soil has antibiotic properties and can kill some kinds of bacteria.” (cite https://bit.ly/2Z10mdf)