Vintage Antique Coffee Tin Soy Candles. *Tin design/brand/year will vary.  
Authentic 1940’s / 50’s era coffee tins,

We love antiques! In fact we love them so much, we’ve decided to start a line of limited edition vintage coffee tin Soy Candles.  Each 24oz soy candle is lovingly hand poured in our studio, and features, what else, but our top selling Rise and Grind coffee fragrance.  You can get the best of both worlds with the vintage look of antique coffee tins and the wonderfully smooth Rise and Grind fragrance.  Since no two coffee tins are alike, there may be subtle differences between each, but that’s also what makes these Soy Candles so unique and fun.   Supplies are very limited, order today!
vintage coffee tin soy candles 24oz
Maxwell house vintage tin candles