A Warm Hug Candle 24oz 3 wick

A WARM HUG – 24oz 3 wick Soy Candle

– Top: vanilla sugar  – Middle: rose, jasmine   – Bottom: cedarwood

At Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Co, we strive to create fragrances that connect us to shared memories and experiences. Scent reminders can truly help foster feelings of connectedness, especially during times we are apart. With that in mind, we created our newest scent, A Warm Hug.
As we developed this fragrance experience, we asked our socially distanced loved ones, “What does a hug smell like to you?” With answers ranging from “vanilla cookies to bay leaf and soap,” and many ideas in between, this is the combination that seemed most fitting for the job.
A Warm Hug is a comforting and cozy scent that embraces you in warmth and connection.
Embrace all the comforts of a warm hug with vanilla, hints of rose, and a complex base of cedar.  It makes a thoughtful, reassuring gift to give or receive. 
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