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A Note on Notes - Fragrance Notes, that is. Terminology used while making Scented Candles

At Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Co, we sometimes use the terms "top note," "middle note," and "base note" to describe the various fragrance components in our candles. These terms are commonly associated with the world of perfumery and are used to convey the complexity and development of a scent.

For a further look, er, perhaps we mean sniff, into the world of fragrance, here's what each of these terms means:

Top Note:

  • Description: The top note is the initial scent you experience when you first smell the candle. It's the first impression and is often light, fresh, and uplifting.

  • Characteristics: Top notes are typically fleeting and evaporate relatively quickly. They are responsible for grabbing your attention and setting the mood for the fragrance.

  • Examples: Citrus, fruity, herbal, or floral scents are common top notes. Examples include lemon, lavender, or bergamot.

Middle Note (aka the "Heart Note"):

  • Description: The middle note comes into play after the top note has evaporated. It forms the body of the fragrance and contributes to its fullness and complexity.

  • Characteristics: Middle notes are often more mellow and balanced than top notes. They provide depth and character to the overall scent.

  • Examples: Floral notes like rose, jasmine, or geranium, as well as spices like cinnamon or nutmeg, are frequently found in the middle notes of scented candles.

Base Note:

  • Description: The base note is the final layer of the fragrance and is detected once the candle has been burning for a while. It anchors the scent and provides longevity.

  • Characteristics: Base notes are typically deep, rich, and long-lasting. They are responsible for the candle's overall lasting impression.

  • Examples: Woodsy scents like cedarwood or sandalwood, as well as resinous scents like vanilla or patchouli, are common base notes in scented candles.

Together, these three layers of fragrance—top note, middle note, and base note—create a harmonious and dynamic olfactory experience in scented candles. The combination of these notes evolves over time as the candle burns, making the overall aroma more engaging and interesting for those enjoying the candle. We carefully select and blend these notes to create unique and appealing scents for all of our candles, room sprays, wax melts and incense cones. We hope this blog entry helps with some of the terminology used while making scented candles.


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