Kansas Earth and Sky New Headquarters

The Historic Brick Streets of Ellinwood, Kansas.

November 2017, our little hand poured soy wax candle company began to out grow its original production studio/slash/office in one of the small unused bedrooms here at the farm. In addition to outgrowing its production space, online orders, corporate gifts and wholesale order shipments for the holidays were spilling into every extra (and sometimes not extra) corner of our farmhouse.

As luck would have it, at about that same time, we were contacted by our friend Christopher McCord at the Historic Wolf Hotel in town. A business friend of his contacted him regarding having a building space available and wondered if Chris would know of anyone looking for an opportunity. Thankfully, he mentioned us and after the rush of the holidays settled down, we were able to start moving our candle production setup into the new space.

In addition to offering an amazing space for hand poured soy wax candle production, we were delighted to learn about the history of the building from the Ellinwood Community Historical Society. Established in the early 1900s, the building was called “The Cyclone” and served as a general mercantile. In the early 70s,  the building was a grocery store,  and more recently housed a business called “The Showcase” which made engravings, created awards, and sold antiques and collectibles. During that time, we believe, the owners must have created the retail space in the front of the building. We also learned that at some point, the basement of the building was once connected to the Famous Ellinwood Underground Tunnels and had a very cool records store! The listening booths are still here!!

We could not have been blessed with a better space and are so excited to be in the building, part of the community and part of this historic space. If you are in the area, please come in and say, “Hi!”