It is interesting how many of us share a memory of our fathers and grandfathers smoking a tobacco pipe in the evening after supper. My husband and I created this fragrance with both of our grandfathers (and my great-grandfather) in mind. Initially, this fragrance began with a plain tobacco scent but we realized something was missing.  In order to balance out the fragrance, it needed something sweet.  My grandparents were either farmer or newspapermen, so when I think of tobacco, I also remember the smell newsprint and black licorice, which probably would not make a great fragrance.  My husband’s grandfather, on the other hand, always had a small piece of either chocolate cake or caramels along with his evening pipe. So we added a touch of sweet caramel and vanilla fragrance, along with some floral mid-notes to even out the sharp scent of tobacco, and our new fragrance was born.

For those of you who share this experience and fondness of time spent with grandpa and his pipe, we hope our Evening Tobacco fragrance invokes the feelings of love, comfort and warmth while stirring cherished memories of times and family past.

“…My grandfather died more than 25 years ago, but I still think of him a lot and smell his smell.” –  Julian Clary