Kansas has never been known for its soaring vistas or rocky plateaus.  To us, this is a good thing.  It keeps our beautiful state an underdog of curiosity seekers, retaining its treasures of the past and present.  Exploring the lesser known regions of KS offer some incredible opportunities.  Many Kansas towns offer a look back to the past and a treasure chest of both antique items and unique experiences unlike any state in the US. Our Kansas Candles aim to capture these unique and memorable moments.  Our Aromatherapy Kansas Candle Scents are custom made to match our unique farm experience.  We want our Kansas Candles to capture the essence of what makes KS. such a beautiful and underrated place to live and explore.

Our one of a kind Soy Kansas Candles have custom scents that aim to reflect the magical experiences that living and exploring the strange and often forgotten Kansas farm life.  With just a little bit of navigation (usually in straight lines) off the beaten path, Kansas offers some amazing landscapes full of beautiful scenery, atmosphere, vivid colors, and abandoned treasures.  Share Kansas Earth and Sky Candle’s signature Kansas Candles with the ones you love and bring them a little taste of what makes our home state an oasis of both past and present.