Covid19 Hours Update

We’ve been fielding a lot of questions regarding our hours, so we thought we’d give you an update.
The nature of having a candle store is being able to test and experience the fragrances we carry, which is difficult to do with a mask. We know some other candle shops that have required masks for entry, only to have their customers remove masks to sample scents and then inadvertently spread germs, having to shut down. We’ve watched this happen many times in within our candle making industry.
Most importantly, one of our owners, Jennie, has an autoimmune disease, in which her immune system attacks its own healthy cells. This illness leaves her more prone to catching infections, including the coronavirus, which could cause severe complications. We are just not willing to put her health or the health of other individuals in our community at risk.
When it comes down to it, her heath, our family’s health and the health of our community is our priority, even if that means losing out on some in-store sales and postponing our candle pouring classes and artist speaker night events. Luckily the ‘free local pickup’ option on our website continues to provide a quick, safe and hands free purchase experience.
We are so thankful for our followers, supporters, wholesale partners, and truly loyal customers. You are the reason our business has been able to thrive during this pandemic, even despite great challenges. We are incredibly thankful for each and every order, we mean it.
Thank you for your continued understanding and support.
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