Kansas Earth and sky Dogs and candles

– What we do –

Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Company is dedicated to pouring the cleanest burning, most relaxing, and all natural 100% soy candles.  Our Kansas poured aromatherapy candles will help you unwind and fill your space with the warm glow of 100% organic hemp wicks.  Our pure American soy candles are the highest quality and available in a variety of beautiful homegrown Kansas aromas.

Perfect gifts for mothers candles soy aromatherapy

– Love where you live. –

Kansas is known for its open skies, rolling prairies, friendly people, and plentiful harvest.  At Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Co. we aim to capture those moments in our high quality aromatherapy soy candles.  Family farm operated, clean air driven, and smack dab in the middle of Kansas, we respect quality in every natural aromatherapy soy candle we hand pour.    Loving the space your family shares every day is important.  We can help you add a relaxing, calming, natural environment to any space you share.

What is in our Kansas Soy Candles and Wax Melts

– Whats In Our Candles? –

At Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Co. we emphasize clean, natural, Phthalate free, products.  Our 100% Soy candles contain Organic Hemp Wicks, which give you superior burn time, a broad fragrance throw, and a beautiful ambiance that you cant match with Parafin burning candles.

Find out more what we put in our Soy Candles on the Candle Burning Tips page!